We help Haredi youth who need something different

Many Haredi youth, who are neither learning in Yeshivot nor serving in the army, have few prospects for a productive life;
“We provide guidance, from recruitment, throughout their military service and beyond.”


First and foremost, “Friends of Nahal Haredi” adds a spiritual dimension to the IDF by sponsoring religious soldiers within a strictly observant framework.
Their needs are unique, as they have little understanding of the challenges that await them during their military service and their integration into the workforce.
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What We Do

Nahal Haredi soldiers have not chosen an easy path, yet they are encouraged and validated by their Mentors in making the most of the challenges they face in becoming better individuals and top-notch combat soldiers. Working closely with the IDF, Mentors accompany these young men throughout their term of service. They also act as liaisons between the army and the Haredi community at large.
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Our sponsors take great pride in being associated with Nahal Haredi projects.
Due to increasing growth in the ranks of the Nahal Haredi, we must expand our operations to continue to provide all of our services — your support is more critical than ever.

The IDF does its part…
we need your support for the following projects:

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About the Nahal Haredi Battalion

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