Based on the important principles of unity, growth and success, the “Friends of Nahal Haredi” is an exceptional non-profit organization that has joined forces with the IDF in an effort to reach out to the young men of the Haredi community who want to join the military, and who want to learn and grow. Their needs are unique, as they have little understanding of the challenges that await them during their military service and their integration into the workforce.

Youth Program

The Organization works to identify haredi youths who do not learn in yeshiva, encourage them to enlist in the IDF in one of the various Netzach programs, and introduce them to the staff of the Security-Social division at the Ministry of Defense and to the Personnel Support staff responsible for IDF recruitment.
The Organization maintains contact and cooperation with youth centers, directors of relevant haredi educational institutions, municipal social services and truant officers in the various cities, and other organizations dealing with haredi youth. The purpose of this collaboration is to motivate these young men to enlist, and to encourage educators to keep in touch with their students during their military service.