Veterans Resource Center

The Resource Center was established in order to provide assistance to our veterans in their challenging transition to civilian life.
The Haredi academic curriculum, along with the lack of community and family support in entering the workforce, has created a real need for the kind of guidance and empowerment our Veterans Resource Center can provide these young veterans, such as learning programs in English, computers, home finance, and various other important skills.
Our team consists of the Nahal Haredi veterans themselves, who share a common language and understanding with newly released soldiers.

Our goal is to prepare our veterans to enter the workforce with a true sense of purpose − to be an economic asset, to build and maintain a sturdy bridge between the Haredi community and mainstream Israeli society.

Tuition & Scholarships

The service track of Nahal Haredi combatants consists of two years as combat soldiers and an additional year to earn their educational or vocational training. For soldiers who do not qualify for government tuition assistance, the “Friends of Nahal Haredi” are committed to subsidizing tuition costs.
One of the core values of our veteran’s program is to provide a path towards an educational and vocational support system, to ensure that young Haredi veterans have the opportunity to train for viable employment once their military service is completed.

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