We provide

spiritual and physical support for Haredi IDF soldiers

The Netzah Yehuda Association supports Haredi IDF soldiers

accompanying them during the entire army process: from enlistment, to military service, all the way through the transition back to civilian life

Haredi soldiers supported by the organization
Veterans of the “Netzah” units
Lone Soldiers in Haredi IDF units
Veterans assisted by our Wedding fund
"Netzah" with the soldiers

The Haredi service tracks in the IDF are home to approximately 2,400 soldiers from ultra-Orthodox backgrounds who chose to serve in the IDF despite the many challenges from home and the environment in which they come from.

The organization’s professional team works in cooperation with the IDF and the Defense Ministry to establish the platforms and create an environment adapted for the needs of Haredi soldiers in the IDF, to help preserve the values ​​of Haredi society.

The team accompanies our soldiers on a daily basis, giving Torah lessons, lectures, personal accompaniment and more, assisting the soldiers in fulfilling their potential of both giving, and getting, the most out of their service. This helps them develop personal and social resilience on the road to each soldier’s personal success.

In addition, the rabbis and advisers of the Netzah Yehuda association serve as a bridge between the army and the families of the soldiers and the ultra-Orthodox community.

Spiritual & Individual Guidance for Soldiers

Our team of rabbis and advisors accompanies Haredi soldiers throughout their military service in order to enable the soldiers' success on all levels. Learn more

Lone soldier homes

The Amuta provides housing for 116 lone soldiers in the homes of the the Netzach Yehuda organization throughout the country. No soldier - lone! We are their family. Learn more

“Bridging” – Families and the Community

The Association's staff works hard to connect soldiers to both their families and the community in which they grew up in. Learn more
"Netzah" with our veterans

The ultra-Orthodox tracks in the IDF began in 1999. To date, there are over 14,000 veterans.

Many veterans experience challenges during reintegration into society, particularly in academic frameworks and the workforce. To deal with these issues, we established a Veterans’ program, which assists our veterans through dozens of projects.

The Veterans’ program operates a unique “Beit Midrash”, which deals with the issue of personal Jewish identity among the veterans, prestigious leadership programs, matchmaking groups, cooperation with ultra-orthodox colleges and university programs, scholarship advice, and a job board which unites approximately 1,000 veteran owned businesses, promoting mutual assistance and create a force for consumerism, housing and more.


The "Derech Ahim" alumni center works on many levels for the benefit of the alumni in order to enable the acquisition of a respectable profession, employment, development of personal identity, leadership and more. Learn more

Acquiring a respectable profession and career development

The alumni organization aims to assist graduates after military service, in acquiring a respectable profession and developing a career on the path to personal success in life. Learn more

Wedding fund

The fund for grooms who are graduates of the ultra-Orthodox tracks in the IDF, gives a unique gift to every mature groom, the gift helps a little in the many expenses of the wedding. Learn more

Soldiers of Netzah Yehuda – We pray to God that He strengthen you and lift you up and your families.

Rishon LeZion, Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar, Shlit”a