We help ultra-Orthodox youth who need something different

The “Netzach Yehuda” association (also known as the “Haredi Nahal” organization) was established in 1999 (1999) by a group of ultra-Orthodox rabbis in collaboration with the Social Security Division of the Ministry of Defense and the IDF, with the aim of providing a solution for ultra-Orthodox youth who cannot find their place. Studying Torah in yeshiva.
As a result of this cooperation, the 97th Battalion (“Ezra Yehuda”) was formed in the Kfir Brigade, and further “Eternity” routes developed to accommodate a large number of ultra-Orthodox men, including those not suitable for combat positions.

Today, thousands of ultra-Orthodox people are served in the various paths, all characterized by rigor and principles that enable the ultra-Orthodox to serve a significant service in the IDF, without compromising their ultra-Orthodox lifestyle.
Along with many thousands of ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva students who study Torah from morning to night, thousands of ultra-Orthodox youth who do not study at Yeshiva live in Israel today. These boys are the target audience for which the association was formed and for which it operates.
We have set ourselves the goal of building a strong bridge between the ultra-Orthodox and the entire population, providing spiritual and material support to ultra-Orthodox soldiers and strengthening their relationship with their families and the ultra-Orthodox community.

Common questions

What is the Netzach Yehuda Battalion?

Netzach Yehuda is the name of a number of IDF recruitment routes intended for the ultra-Orthodox. The most prominent route is service in the Netzach Yehuda Battalion, 97th Battalion, which belongs to the Kfir Brigade of the Infantry. The name “Netzach Yehuda” is an acronym for “Haredi Military Youth”, and Yehuda is named after the battalion’s founder, Yehuda Duvdevani.

Netzach Yehuda is a combat battalion in the 99th Division – the IDF’s multi – scene fire division. The battalion has received many honors and praise from its commanders throughout the years.

If I do not have a matriculation and studied in a yeshiva, am I eligible for a year of education?

The mission / education year was designed to address those who did not purchase a high school diploma before military service. When the soldier reaches the third year of service, he completes his matriculation / preparatory studies, so that when he is released, the soldier is ready for civilian life like the rest of his peers in the State of Israel.

Objectives of the association

Netzah Yehuda supports ultra-Orthodox soldiers and guides them towards their military service, during and during their liberation and integration into citizenship, to help them understand their service in the army and emerge as ultra-Orthodox Jews in the life of the deed, with a deep connection to Torah and commandments.
Thanks to the independent support structure of Netsh Yehuda, and in full cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the IDF, these soldiers’ needs are provided on a spiritual, personal, material and educational level. To the various units and to individual soldiers, they develop within an environment characterized by social responsibility and badness, and develop a useful social relationship that is used during and after military service. The causes that fund our activities are proud of their involvement in ultra-Orthodox Nahalad projects.

The vision of the association

Yitzhak Yehuda is a rabbinical body – civilians who regard military service as a member of various circles in the ultra-Orthodox and Israeli communities. The association represents the ultra-Orthodox public vis-à-vis the military, government and public bodies, and is a competent address that advises, directs, and accompanies the ultra-Orthodox public regarding the IDF’s service.
Haredi youth who do not attend meetings are oriented to frameworks where they can build themselves, mature and strengthen their personalities and identities, so that the soldier wants to have an ultra-Orthodox lifestyle within the army to do so within the various “eternal” trajectories, as the association helps him transform his military service into personal development. And Torani. The association will accompany ultra-Orthodox graduates and instructors in a variety of fields, to help them integrate into the community after serving in the IDF and help them to form a clear and honorable identity of Jewish Jews, who finds their place in the world of action and is connected to the world of Torah tradition from generation to generation.