'Haredi soldiers are like the Maccabees' - עמותת נצח

‘Haredi soldiers are like the Maccabees’

‘Haredi soldiers are like the Maccabees’

IDF Deputy Chief lights Hanukkah candles with haredi soldiers. ‘You fight our enemies just like Yehuda Maccabee did.’

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Arutz Sheva Staff , Dec 18 , 2020 11:20 AM

Hanukkah candle lighting

IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

On Tuesday, Deputy Chief of the General Staff Major General Eyal Zamir lit Chanukah candles with Haredi soldiers from the Netzach Yehuda Battalion (Nahal Haredi) currently engaged in non-combat employment in the Binyamin Territorial Brigade.

The ceremony was attended by Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Mati Shevach, Netzach Yehuda Association founders, Rabbi Yitzhak Bar-Haim and Rabbi David Fuchs, and Mr. David Hager, one of the key patrons of the Association.

Prior to candle lighting, the Deputy Chief of Staff convened with the battalion commanders to discuss the various challenges in the region; the relationship between Netzach Yehuda Battalion and the Binyamin Territorial Brigade; and their collaboration with local security forces.

“Netzach Yehuda Battalion, I chose to come here today to light the sixth Chanukah c candle with you,” said Major General Zamir. “Your battalion has many special attributes, but you are first and foremost a combat battalion, ready and prepared for any operation or mission. For the past three months, you’ve valiantly guarded the Binyamin Territorial Brigade, working night and day to protect the lives of the residents. You face off our enemies just as Yehuda the Maccabee did precisely in this place two millennia ago.”

Netzach Yehuda Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Mati Shevach added: “Our soldiers who safeguard this territory perpetuate our nation’s triumph upon our enemies. During the Festival of Chanukah, we celebrate the heroism of doing the correct thing despite the challenges and hardships—and this was the true value of Mattityahu the Hashmonaite in guarding his principles against the Greek conquerors. It was expressed in the belief that remained one pure flask of oil that hadn’t been defiled, the hope that it would last until they managed to produce new olive oil. Indeed, each time they insisted on the proper action, they achieved the desired results. You, warriors of the Netzach Yehuda Battalion, are also doing the right thing, and thus, we shall achieve the desired results! We shall witness the triumph of good and right over what seems natural. Together, we will go, fight and win!”.

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