Minister Michael Bitton to Netzah Yehuda: You are the “Maccabim” of today

Minister of Civil and Social Affairs at the Ministry of Defense Michael Bitton met with the management of Netzach Yehuda: “The children of Matityahu the Priest said: The doctrine of Gd is important to us, but we will know how to fight” • Watch

The Minister of Civil and Social Affairs at the Ministry of Defense, Michael Bitton, met last night (Wednesday) with the management of the Netzach Yehuda organization, which accompanies the ultra-Orthodox soldiers in the IDF.

The meeting was attended by the CEO of Netzach Yehuda, Yossi Levy, the association’s vice president, Shaya Shoshan, and businessman David Hagar, a senior figure who supports the recruitment of ultra-Orthodox in the IDF.

The Minister in a personal video for thousands of graduates:

The meeting dealt with the integration of ultra-Orthodox young people in military settings appropriate to their way of life, as well as the development of new opportunities for ultra-Orthodox IDF graduates.

“We look at Hanukkah as the miracle of the jug of oil, but it is a story about the courage of individuals with an established spiritual position. A story of the children of Matityahu the priest who said: The doctrine of Gd is important to us, but we will fight. “, Said the Minister.


Minister Bitton added: “It is an honor for me to turn to the fighters of Eternal Judea and combat supporters who did a brave deed – on the one hand they maintained the religious and spiritual identity, and on the other hand served the state and came to life. A community of 13,500 graduates You are the force. The first battalion included 30 soldiers. Suddenly we reached thirteen thousand and it is just beginning. You are the future of the State of Israel, a guarantee for the security of the state. I am proud of everyone who led the association, everyone who contributes to it, David Hagar “Security wants to thank you.”

Bitton added: “We will bring this route (Haredi service route) to the Golani, the Armored Forces, the Air Force. We will work together and build communities of Eternal Judea graduates because the future of the State of Israel is you!”

Netzach Yehuda Director General Yossi Levy thanked Minister Bitton for his support and said: “It is important that these days when the draft law is on the table again, the government will invest efforts in those who choose to enlist in the IDF without compromising their ultra-Orthodox identity. Regular but also in military graduates who want to acquire a profession after their release, we are now working to establish community nuclei for thousands of graduates – this is a real social revolution and the bridge between the IDF and the ultra-Orthodox public.

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