The military secretary of the president: "The army must deepen its knowledge of ultra-Orthodox society through you" - עמותת נצח

The military secretary of the president:
“The army must deepen its knowledge of ultra-Orthodox society through you”

The military secretary of the president: “Develop the frameworks for the ultra-Orthodox in the IDF”

The military secretary of the president, Brigadier General Alaa Abu-Rachen, met with the rabbis of the Netzach Yehuda organization: “The army must deepen its knowledge of ultra-Orthodox society through you.”

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Talia Eitan, 24 Cheshvan 5711 11/11/20 18:52

The military secretary of the president during the meeting

Photo: Eternal Judea


Brigadier General Alaa Abu-Rochen, a member of the eight Druze community serving as military secretary to President Reuven Rivlin, visited the Netzach Yehuda offices in Jerusalem this week.

He was received by the director of the Netzach Yehuda organization, Yossi Levy, Rabbi Yitzchak Bar-Haim, the founder of the Haredi stream, and the association’s rabbis who accompany the Haredi soldiers who serve on unique tracks for Haredi in the IDF.

The meeting was also attended by another senior member of the Druze community, Lt. Col. (Res.) Spwan Marich, director of the emergency and security department at the Friendship Foundation, who has been assisting lone ultra-Orthodox soldiers for many years.

“Just as in 1948 the army established the appropriate frameworks for the needs of the Druze community, the appropriate frameworks must be preserved and developed today for the special lifestyle and tradition of ultra-Orthodox society. If at the time they did not build the appropriate framework for Druze IDF soldiers, We manage to integrate into the army and achieve without compromising their tradition, “Brigadier General Alaa Abu-Rochen told the Netzach Yehuda organization.

He added, “I came here to expand my knowledge. I want to contribute to the process that you lead in the army and in society, you are pioneers in thought and also pioneers in action. You are the engine and we can only join and support. The impression I got from getting to know “Tz, Tomer and others, not only are they able to maintain their values ​​but also become stronger during the service, both in terms of values ​​and personal achievements.”

Among the issues raised at the meeting: the uniqueness of the tracks in the army suitable for youth from the ultra-Orthodox society, the challenges of the lone ultra-Orthodox soldiers during the service, the integration of the track graduates in various fields after their release from the IDF and more.

“Thank you for your talent for understanding and expressing the challenges posed to the development of the ultra-Orthodox soldiers,” concluded Yitzhak Yehuda Levy, director general of the Yehuda Yehuda Yossi Association, thanking Brigadier General Abu Rochen.

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