Ministry of Defense - עמותת נצח

Ministry of Defense

Who we are?

The Defense and Society Department is dedicated to encouraging Israel’s youth to draft to the military and experience a fulfilling service. The department advocates for meaningful military service, and a love of the land of Israel including its values, history and heritage.


The Defense and Society Department operates in a joint venture with the Netzach Yehuda organization in order to provide professional guidance to the ultra-Orthodox soldiers during their military service, with the understanding that the service can serve as a lever for personal success and proper integration into Israeli society.

Primary Functions:

  • Leading and coordinating MOD and IDF activities with Israel’s youth to increase motivation and readiness for a meaningful military service
  • Carrying out the Defense Minister’s  policies regarding military draft and national service
  • Coordinating  activities and operations with the IDF,  youth movements, NGOs, and regional organizations
  • Centralizing and providing the resources necessary to generate an active, strong partnership between the military and Israeli society
  • Facilitating and overseeing the IDF’s implementation of MOD policies relating to drafting, special tracks and programs integrating minorities and special populations in the IDF