Manpower Division – IDF

Who we are?

The Manpower Division is part of the IDF’s General Staff, and is a planning body and coordinator of the manpower placement and movement activities, the handling of the army’s human resources, and the planning of manpower as well as dealing for the individual’s welfare and conditions of service.


The IDF Personnel Division and the IDF Support Brigade, headed by Brigadier General Amir Vadmani, the director of the Haredi military under the command of Lt. Col. Rabbi Shimshon Klein, are working in full cooperation with the Netzach Yehuda organization And providing a basket of unique conditions for the ultra-Orthodox soldier to enable tailored service and then proper integration into Israeli society

Roles of the Personnel Division

  • To work to realize the potential of the IDF’s manpower in terms of quality and numbers.
  • Establish principles and rules for the promotion and placement of recruits and officers.
  • To provide tools for educating IDF soldiers to identify with the state, the army and their values, to cultivate the spirit of the soldiers, the battle heritage and the values ​​of the IDF leadership.