Avi Klein

My name is Avi Klein, I served as a soldier & commander

My name is Avi Klein, I served as a soldier and commander of the Eternal Judea Battalion in the years 2009-2012.
As a graduate of an ultra-Orthodox educational institution, I was released for citizenship without having the tools to compete in the labor market, because I did not have a matriculation. Student, it was clear that without help I would not be able to pass the law of study.
And so, while opening the email informing me of my eligibility for the scholarship I was asked by one of my classmates “How will you get along this year?”
I answered the “Eternal Judah” association.

So I want to the association and everyone involved. Huge thanks for the personal help, and thank you for being part of a historic process of “integrating the ultra-Orthodox” in the army in academia and society,
That you will be able to help the whole company, and the various sectors, the general and the individual.
In my name and in the name of the battalion’s graduates,

Avi Klein
Aug. 9 cycle