Reuven Haim Coleman - עמותת נצח

Reuven Haim Coleman

Reuven Haim Coleman

My name is Reuven Haim Coleman, about two years ago I started studying mapping and geo-information engineering at the Haredi branch of the Technion.

I am 29 years old with three children בע”ה. I worked in many temporary jobs, but I realized that in order to support my family with dignity I would have to learn a practical profession.

I studied in Haredi institutions and grew up in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem, after a while I enlisted in Nahal Haredi where I served three years and was discharged about eight years ago.

The family’s livelihood made it very difficult for me to concentrate on my studies, and without the scholarship I would have always found it difficult to study optimally.

Studies are five days a week, a full day, so there is no ability to work and make a living alongside the studies.

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the honorable scholarship you gave me. It helps me a lot in concentrating on the studies themselves.

And also thanks to the whole group (with an Haredi background who want to earn a decent living) for the help and the opportunity to integrate into academia so that we can integrate into employment in the future.
Thank you

Reuven Haim Coleman and family