Profession And Career - עמותת נצח

Profession And Career

Acquiring a respectable profession and career development

The service route for “Netzah Yehuda” soldiers includes two years of military service and another year for completion of education or professional training and certificate studies in a variety of options (Electricity, Programing and more).
One of the main goals of our veterans program, is to provide for military Haredi veterans support in the fields of education and profession, directing them to academic studies or
Vocational studies, according to their personal data and market needs, and assist them in locating sources for scholarships.

To this end, we work to integrate veterans in employment workshops and academic, connection to placement companies, authorities and employers in the Israeli economy. The team is working to identify opportunities for integrating graduates in attractive projects and employment paths.

In addition:
Year 2021/2 – Opening of a unique academic preparatory course for graduates at Ariel University!
The association, in collaboration with Ariel University in Samaria, initiated the establishment of a unique academic preparatory program adapted to graduates of the ultra-Orthodox tracks in the IDF. Dozens of graduates have registered for the mechina so far and we have awarded unique scholarships to participants. You can register through the alumni hotline 058-4049797

Employment and Occupation Conference

The association, in cooperation with Ministry of Defense and the Military Haredi Directorate of the IDF, has initiated a special event for school year soldiers and graduates – a professional conference.
The conference was attended by 30 academic and employment bodies and presented the range of options adapted to an ultra-Orthodox soldier / graduate, both for studies and employment. Many important bodies appeared, including the Mossad, the Shin Bet, the police and more.