The Center for Haredi Military Veterans

What are the challenges that graduates experience when completing military service and transitioning to citizenship?

After a broad analysis and characterization of the needs of the graduates, the Haredi Army alumni organization “Brothers Forever” – initiated a comprehensive response in areas that were characterized as challenging Among many graduates.

Identity Issue:

Many graduates are releasing and looking for the connection to the community. The advantage they bring as graduates of the Haredi army is not reflected in the classical communities and therefore the Beit Midrash for alumni was established which deals with this issue and gives it an appropriate answer and thus creates a community.

Profession Acquisition:

The alumni organization directs the alumni to locate studies in order to acquire a respectable profession after military service.

Business Community:

The alumni organization worked to gather a list of about 1,000 alumni businesses in order to produce graduates of an adult who acquires an adult and receives a graduate discount .

The Beit Midrash for Haredi Army Graduates – The Alumni Community

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