Plans for soldiers

Elad had doubts about his recruitment. The “Nezah Yehuda” Veterans addressed his concerns and now he is in the recruitment process

Unique ‘Livuy’ for Haredi soldiers during military service

The professional staff of the organization – performs personal and spiritual accompaniment to the Haredi soldier. Accompaniment is expressed on several levels:

Adapted service: adapting the military platform to the service of an ultra-Orthodox youth.

Study time: Transfer of Torah lessons and study time to the ultra-Orthodox soldier.

Personal accompaniment: connecting soldiers and their families and holding parents’ days to get to know and support their son’s service.

“Bridge”: between the IDF and the ultra-Orthodox public in order to provide a proper response to a child who has chosen to leave the yeshiva.

Lone soldiers: a complete solution for lone soldiers – accommodation, food, accommodation on holidays, adoptive families and more.