Bridging The Gap With Families And The Community


Connecting soldiers with their families

Haredi soldiers experience many challenges during their military service and are in need of their families’ support. The organization’s team acts to create a bridge between the soldiers and their families to create acceptance, and embracing contact between the soldiers and their families.

Contact with leaders in the Haredi community

The rabbinical team of the Neztah Yehuda organization is in constant contact with the leaders of the Haredi community in order to create a consensus around Haredi youth who choose to leave the Beth Midrash and serve in the IDF. The military allows Haredi men to acquire many tools during their service, preparing them for civilian life.

Accompanying the families of the injured and fallen

Our team of rabbis and consultants accompany the families of the fallen and those who were injured throughout the year, especially near the official dates.

The team is in constant contact with the family of the severely injured Nathaniel Felber, holding prayer and study days for his fast recovery.

A memorial for fallen soldiers and the Haredi programs

In collaboration with the Social Security branch of the Ministry of Defense, Planning and Manpower Administration Brigade of the IDF, the organization established the historical memorial service for fallen IDF soldiers and especially those of the Haredi programs.

An evening in honor of the Haredi Nahal’s fallen soldiers who served from 1964-1973 as well as the fallen soldiers of Haredi Nahal – Netzah Yehuda, and current programs.

An Historic Memorial Service – The First to be Officially Supported and Suited for the Haredi Public in Israel.
The Service Hosted around 1,200 People!