A Bridge to the Community


Connecting soldiers to their families

An Haredi soldier experiences many challenges during his military service and needs the support of his family members. Unfortunately, not every Haredi IDF soldier has the support of his immediate family. The Association works hard to be the bridge between our soldiers and their families, to hopefully create a lasting impact in their relationship.

The Association holds parent events at the Netzah Yehuda home for each draft class, thus connecting the parents to their sons’ military service and promoting parental support for their children.

In our experience, this support is crucial in regard to a soldier’s ability to cope with the many challenges of military service.

Contact with leaders in the Haredi community

Our team of rabbis maintains constant contact with leaders of the Haredi community, in order to foster a consensus of support for Haredi boys who have chosen to pause their Yeshiva studies and serve in the IDF.

The “memorial assembly” for IDF casualties of the Haredi units

The Association, in cooperation with the  Ministry of Defense and the IDF memorial systems, established a historic memorial assembly for IDF casualties, and in particular the victims of the Haredi units. The evening serves to honor both the memory of the original Nachal Haredi (which existed between 1964-1973) and fallen soldiers of the today’s Netzach Yehuda – Nachal Haredi units.