Lone soldier homes

Lone Soldier homes

Netzah Yehuda’s lone soldiers’ apartments were established 8 years ago by a veteran of the Netzah Yehuda battalion after the
team noticed many soldiers were left without roofs over their heads
and were in need of housing and family during the challenging military service.

The goal of establishing the apartments:

Providing housing and individual guidance to lone soldiers from Haredi backgrounds who serve in the IDF and do not have their families’ support.

The soldiers get their own beds, closets, warm and nourishing food at all times, hospitality on Shabbat as well as team-building and support nights.

We provide housing for 116 Haredi lone soldiers.

The organization’s team serves as a family
for them all year around, and in their darkest times.

The organization currently operates 10 Soldier Houses in Jerusalem
and10 more apartments in Qiryat Arba.
About 120beds for Lone Haredi soldiers.

Who are the apartments for?

All Haredi soldiers in the IDF, police and designated youth services (youths about to be drafted), as well as unique apartments for veterans.

The unique features of the organization’s apartments:

  • Environment suitable for Haredi soldiers.
  • Highly-accessorized apartment at central locations.
  • A family space with individual and professional guidance for each soldier.
  • Plenty of food at all times, especially on Shabbat and holidays.
  • Team-building events
  • Empowerment and individual development programs
  • Unique savings plans for every lone soldier

Contact us – Head of Lone Soldiers Department:

Yehuda Shapira: 972-58-5818312

Singer Yishai Ribo performs for our beloved soldiers at the organization’s Soldier House