Lone Soldier Homes

Lone Soldier Homes for Haredi IDF soldiers

The apartments of the Netzah Yehuda Association were inaugurated about seven years ago, by a veteran from the Netzach Yehuda Battalion. He noticed that many Haredi soldiers were in desperate need of housing during their challenging military service.

Our Lone Soldier Homes serve several functions. Mostly plainly, they serve as room and board for Haredi lone soldiers who for some reason or another cannot go home. Soldiers receive a private bed, closet, and hot and nutritious food at all times, including special accommodation for Shabbat.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the association’s staff and their fellow lone soldiers serve as a makeshift family for them.

The association currently operates 9 soldier houses in Jerusalem and another 6 apartments in Kiryat Arba – a total of about 116 beds.

Features of the Association’s Lone Soldier Homes:

♦ An environment adapted to the Haredi soldier
♦ Equipped apartments of a high standard and in a central location
♦ Family envelope and professional personal accompaniment for each soldier
♦ Plenty of food at all times, especially on Saturdays and holidays
♦ Experience and formation events
♦ Empowerment and personal development programs
♦ A unique ‘savings plan’ for each individual soldier

Renowned Israeli singer Yishai Ribo performs for our beloved soldiers at the association’s headquarters