Preparing for the army

Netzach Yehuda works to adapt IDF preparatory frameworks for Haredi youth who choose to serve in the IDF.

The frameworks operate in cooperation with the Social Security Division of the Ministry of Defense and the Personnel Division of the IDF.

The “Betsavta” Combat “Hesder” Track – A track founded in collaboration with the Netzach Yehuda Association and the Hedvata Association.
Tiferet Ha’arazim” Preparatory School – a collaboration between the Netzach Yehuda Association and the Achrei Association in operating an ultra-Orthodox pre-military preparatory school, which prepares the youth uniquely for combat service in the IDF. The students in the mechina receive invested and grueling preparation weeks, navigation weeks, fields, and more.

The preparation for the trainees is reflected on 3 levels.
1. Values: Acquisition of a basket of values ​​relevant to military service, Torah study led by an experienced team to deepen knowledge of the values ​​of Judaism, the value of the mission in the service and protection of the people of Israel, the value of evils and other important values.
2. Combat / Mental: Military service contains many challenges for an ultra-Orthodox boy, the professional team prepares the boys, extensive combat preparation, fitness training, mental conversations to get acquainted with the nature of military service.
3. Academic: Conducting basic courses in mathematics and English in order to improve the basic knowledge and prepare the boy for returning to school after two years of combat / significant service.

Additional goals and objectives

  1. Forming an identity and building a Torah / spiritual / ultra-Orthodox backbone.
  2. Recognition with skills and qualities and personal abilities.
  3. Acquiring tools and abilities to make decisions on their way in life.
  4. Building a sense of social involvement and personal ‘leadership’ responsibility
  5. Tools for developing a sense of ability to set goals and meet them.
  6. Providing tools for future integration in the academic world and / or the labor market in Israel