Preparation for military service

Netzah Yehuda Tirelessly Acts to Adjust Pre-Military Programs for Haredi Youth Who Choose to Serve in the IDF

The frameworks operate in collaboration with the Social Security branch at the Ministry of Defense and the IDF Human Resources branch.

“Tzavta” Combat Hesder Program – established in collaboration with Netzah Yehuda and the “Hedvata” organization. The first Haredi-combat program of its kind in Israel, combining holy studies in the morning and combat-ready mentality in the afternoon.

“Tiferet HaArazim” Pre-Military Program – a collaboration of Netzah Yrhuda with the “Aharai!” (Follow me!) Organization operating a Haredi pre-military program, preparing the youth in a way that is unique to IDF combat service. The students of the program receive weeks of meticulous and grueling lessons, navigation, fieldcraft and more.

Trainee Preparation is done on three levels:

  1. Values: Acquiring a set of values relevant to their military service, Torah studies led by a trained team to enrich their Jewish values, the sense of purpose in serving and guarding Israel, the value of camaraderie and other important elements.
  2. Combat mentality: Military service contains many challenges for the Haredi youth. Professional teams provide the boys with broad combat preparation, fitness training and talks to get them acquainted with the mentality of military service.
  3. Academics: Providing basic courses in math and English in order to improve their basic knowledge and prepare them to go back to school after two years of significant military service.

Goals and additional objectives:

  1. Forming identities and constructing a Torah/spiritual/Haredi backbone.
  2. Acknowledging individual qualities and abilities.
  3. Acquiring tools and decision-making abilities for life.
  4. Forming a sense of social involvement, individual and social responsibility – ‘leadership’.
  5. Tolls to develop a sense of competence to set goals and reach them.
  6. Providing tools for future incorporation into academic work and/or the job market in Israel.