Lone soldier homes

Nachal Haredi lone soldier homes

The Nachal Charedi lone soldier homes were established 7 years ago by a veteran officer of the Netzach Yehuda Battalion.
To create a place developed for the unique needs and lifestyle & that the charedi lone soldiers could call home

Goals of the lone soldier homes:

Housing assistance and personal accompaniment, for lone soldiers from Charedi backgrounds serving in the IDF, who are no longer able or welcome to live in their parents homes.
Soldiers receive a private bed and closet, hot and nutritious food at all times, accommodation on Shabbat and special unity evenings and events.
Our staff and their companies serves as a surrogates family for them all year round and in difficult moments.

The organization currently operates 8 soldier houses in Jerusalem and 6 apartments in Kiryat Arba.
Approx. 80 beds for the charedi lone soldiers.