The Mentors Program



Torah lessons Halacha Emuna

The team of rabbis of the Netzach Yehuda organization accompanies the soldier during his spiritual service by delivering Torah lessons every day at the various IDF bases, chevruta studies, delivering values education that combines the value military service and giving of ones self in the spirit of Judaism.

Personal accompaniment

The soldiers are personally accompanied by the association’s educational counselors. Counselors help the soldier return to normal contact with the family, build a personal and value identity, connect to military service and give for the other and in particular overcome many difficulties that may occur during military service and thus prevent dropout and harness the soldier to success.

Implementation of “Netzach” protocols

The IDF & Ministry of Defense created secial protocols to enable an environment adapted to the service of the ultra-Orthodox in the IDF. We help maintain these protocols and enable the existence of the ultra-Orthodox way of life during military service.

Material support

The soldiers receive a wide investment in unit formation evenings, special bags, kippahs, tassels, sukkot, 4 species, and more. In order to encourage motivation among the ultra-Orthodox soldiers and improve the quality of service