Henry Orlinsky - עמותת נצח

Henry Orlinsky

Henry Orlinsky Serves as the treasurer of the Executive Board of Directors of Netzah Yehuda and founder of the American Friends of Nahal Haredi.

Mr. Orlinsky is a developer and operator of Real Estate throughout the USA and in the Caribbean as well as an investor in Health Care and other industries in the US, Caribbean and in Israel.

Mr. Orlinsky is the founder and currently runs the American Friends of the Minchas Asher Foundation. He serves on many boards and has cofounded many institutions and programs in his community including being on the Executive board of the Rosenbaum YNJ elementary School for over twenty two years, helping it grow from 200 to 1200 children. Mr. Orlinsky is one of the founders of Maayanot High School for Girls in Teaneck and he co-founded and co-chairs the Beis Medrash program at Congregation Bnei Yeshurun.

Henry Orlinsky is the founder of Chabad PR and co-chairs the development of their new shul and mikveh. He Founded and runs a Foundation in Puerto Rico named PR4PR that supports summer camps for underprivileged children.

Henry is the Chair Person of the OU’s Development Division as well as former Co-Chair of its Nex-Gen Department and Chair of its Birthright Division

A Board member of American Friends of Mechon Lev (JTC).

Henry is a graduate of YU/Riets and is on the Riets Board

Henry resides in Teaneck, NJ with his wife Mindy and divides his time between their homes in teaneck and in Israel for business and charitable projects focusing on Harbatzas Torah and Outreach