Yossi Levi - עמותת נצח

Yossi Levi

CEO, Netzah Yehuda Organization

Master of Public Policy (MPP) / The Hebrew University.

Mathematics and Computer Sciences / The Open University / B.Sc.

Yossi was born in Jerusalem and educated at Haredi institutes – Hamesora Talmud Torah at Geula, ‘Akerman’ Yeshiva, Beitar Illit and the Beit Israel Mir Yeshiva.

He served in the Netzah Yehuda Battalion as a soldier, commander and infantry officer (012) and was released as the Netzah Yehuda Battalion’s Operations Branch Officer.

Founded the first Haredi Soldier House in Israel, now providing for 130 lone Haredi soldiers; founded the Haredi combat Hesder Yeshiva ‘BeTzavta’ and the historical Haredi memorial service at the Great Synagogue.

Yossi serves as a Reserve Combat Company Commander (Major) in the Duvdevan 217 unit, Battalion 21.

Official Instagram: @yossi.levii

Official Twitter: @yossilevii