Education Year - MAOF - עמותת נצח

Education Year – MAOF

Maof year – free studies in the third year of military service.

Every soldier who serves in an ultra-Orthodox track in the IDF is entitled in the third year to complete a matriculation / academic preparatory course / professional course, in order to enable a soldier to acquire a profession and integrate properly into the employment market.
The soldiers arrive without an academic background and the goal is to enable them to be discharged from the IDF equally to the entire population in Israel.

Professional Life Conference

The association in cooperation with the Social Security Division of the Ministry of Defense and the Military Haredi Directorate of the IDF, initiated a special event for school year soldiers and graduates – a professional conference for life.

The conference was attended by 30 academic and employment bodies and presented a variety of options tailored to an ultra-Orthodox soldier / graduate, both for studies and employment. Many important bodies appeared among them the Mossad, the Shin Bet, the police and more.

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