Hetz Tzanhanim - Paratroopers - עמותת נצח

Hetz Tzanhanim – Paratroopers

Hetz Tzanhanim – Haredi Paratroopers

In 2016, an IDF company (Haredi paratroopers) was established in the paratroopers’ brigade. The fighters are required to undergo preliminary sorting – formation. Operational designation for offensive activity in the depths of enemy territory, with a battle heritage of the richest and most glorious. The brigade has taken part in all of Israel’s wars since its inception.
Location of the Baha’i: Python Camp in the area of ​​Kiryat Gat and Shomria in the south.

Hetz Company soldiers undergo a screening process required in the 35th Brigade characterized as a volunteer brigade, the screening is a formation that takes place Before the service, during which the commanders test the abilities of the soldiers and select the better group according to a basket of parameters defined in advance by the team of the crystallizers.
Soldiers serve two years as combatants and are then entitled to one year of study in favor of completing the matriculation and studies of the Libya.

The rabbis of the “Netazh – Nahal Haredi” organization take care to accompany the soldiers during the service and allow them to preserve the values ​​they came with, improve the relationship with the family and deal with challenges experienced by the ultra-Orthodox soldier during his military service.

Distribution of licenses to soldiers of the Hatz Company – a gift to the outstanding members of the “Netazh – Nahal Haredi” organization

Service Track:
The company’s soldiers serve a total of two years and eight months in the IDF.
The training course lasts about 8 months, then service as combatants for 16 months.
An ultra-Orthodox soldier is entitled to a school year after two years of service in the IDF.
The third year – the Maof year is intended to enable a soldier to complete his matriculation and studies at the Liba in order to acquire a profession and earn a decent living.

Distribution of personal file to sailing soldiers

Singer Lipa Schmelzer arrived by surprise to sing with the fighters minutes before receiving the red beret

Preparing for takeoff – Sailing soldiers minutes before parachute

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