Negev defenders – Air Force

Defenders of the Negev – Haha

In 2010, the “Defenders of the Negev” fighter company was established in the Air Force. The cruise deals with air base defense, which includes a variety of classified fighter jets and intelligence units.
In addition, the voyage carries out operational activities in the sectors of Judea and Samaria, Hebron and Benjamin. The operational voyage allows those with profile 72 to join and serve as part of the IDF’s combat unit
The platoon has a team of dogs undergoing unique training for working with sniffer dogs to detect explosives.

Location of the Baha’i: One of the bases of Bislah (School of Infantry) in the south.

Rabbis and advisers of the “Eternity” association have been partners in the establishment of the voyage and have accompanied the soldiers continuously over the years.

Service Track:
First two years – training and combat service in the company.
Third year – a year of study and completion of a matriculation in order to enable the soldier to acquire a profession and earn a decent living.