Tomer - Givati - עמותת נצח

Tomer – Givati

Tomer – Givati ​​

In 2014, the ultra-Orthodox Tomer Company was established in Givati. The division operates in the sectors of Judea and Samaria, Lebanon and Gaza. The company has combat capabilities in built-up areas, tangled terrain, tunnels and underground. The Givati ​​Brigade has been at the forefront of the IDF and has had a battle heritage since the days of the War of Independence.
BAH Location: Ketziot Base in the Negev.

Tomer Company proves its capabilities as a combat company fighting in various sectors, the company fighters work to preserve the values ​​and heritage of Beit Abba and acquire values ​​of mission and sacrifice for the people of Israel.

The rabbis of the “Eternity” association accompany the fighters at all times from the beginning of the arduous training process until the end of the service and the transition to the study chapter. The rabbis and escorts are in the field with the warriors, in summer and winter, in moments of joy and difficulty.

Service Track:
The company’s soldiers serve a total of two years and eight months in the IDF.
The training course lasts about 8 months, then service as combatants for 16 months.
An ultra-Orthodox soldier is entitled to a school year after two years of service in the IDF.
The third year – the Maof year is intended to enable a soldier to complete his matriculation and studies at the Liba in order to acquire a profession and earn a decent living.

In 2019 – Company fighters eliminated a terrorist while serving in the Hebron sector
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